McDuffy Signature Leather Leash

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What Makes a Good Harness and Leash?

There are two essential elements that make a truly exceptional harness and leash:
  • A strong sense of security and trust provides peace of mind for you and your beloved companion.
  • A feeling of strength, comfort, and enchantment during daily activities, ensuring a magical experience for your dog.
At McDuffy, we have bundled our expertise to create the McDuffy Signature Series harness and leash.

Crafted with care from exquisite cow leather sourced from Germany, this harness is meticulously designed to be a lifelong companion for your dog's outdoor adventures or city strolls

Perks of the leather leashes

  • durable, tough & easy to clean
  • high wearing comfort: cuddly & soft
  • mostly ecologically produced leather
  • robust buckle or quick-release
  • strengthened stitching
  • wide range of elegant designs
  • partly handmade, Made in Germany
  • each collar is unique

FAQs about leather dog collars

How wide should a leather dog collar be?

To make sure the collar fits comfortably, you can use this rough rule of thumb as a guide:

Choose the collar about as wide as your dog's rhinarium is wide.

The rhinarium is the moist part of the nose that surrounds the nostrils. Besides, the leather collar should be adapted to the neck shape and physique of your dog. A greyhound with a long neck or a strong, muscular dog should rather wear a wide collar so that it does not cut or press on the larynx or even cause injury. In addition, the collar should be chosen wide enough to hold the leash to be attached to it well.

What leather is used for leather dog collars?

For the dog collars we use only high-quality, responsibly produced leather of top quality, cowhide, particularly soft nappa leather, nubuck leather, elk, or bison leather.


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